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Do you know something about proxy site? If you want to understand the term proxy site, you will need to learn about proxy server. Proxy server is an application or a computer which acts as an intermediary between other two servers like computer or software from which a user can request for his required services.

Proxy site is something similar to vpn that where you can use the proxy site as your site to hide your own server identity. You can make your location untraceable using it. It can take your IP behind the screen, make you anonymous and thus it can secure you from being blocked. Using proxy sites, you can get access to visit any blocked site undoubtedly that have been blocked from your end.

How to unblock websites using proxy sites.

Now you can feel interest to know how it works? So, I am going to talk about the working procedures of unblocking process by proxy sites. Whenever anyone make a request to a web proxy server to get resources from a blocked site, the proxy server want the accessing permission to the desired server on behalf of the user. Here since the target website cannot know the actual user, it gives permission and thus the user can unblock the website easily.

How to choose the right proxy site

You can be misguided in case of choosing the right one for you because there are lot of sites with lots of options in online whether they are reliable or not. So, we want to give you some name which provide you top level security, quality service, powerful encryption and fast speed without misleading you. To compare with one another we will show you the 20 best proxy sites respectively with proper description.

1. : It is one of the most popular and effective free web proxy site in online. You can get highly secured, fast and secured service from it. Over thousands of people daily use it to unblock different kind of blocked and restricted site with all major streaming portals like Youtube and Dailymotion. It is user friendly site. Here if anyone want to enter into a restricted site, he has to put the URL of the site in the upper surf box simply and press the surf button. Then the desired site will appear in the front of his eye within a while. FilterByPass contains few ads with no adult ads and no pop-ups at all. Some other important options of this web proxy are mentioned below:

• Enable of disable encrypt URL
• Encrypt page
• Allow cookies
• Remove Scripts
• Remove objects
• Allow javascript
• Allow pop-ups or not.

2. Proxy : Zalmos is another popular user-friendly site in which HTTPS proxy is provided to its users. It gives you to access any blocked site like Facebook, twitter, reddit, paypal, Youtube in your country by the government or by ISP or by school, college authority. If you use this application, it will give you top class security, make your location undetectable, fast browsing speed and trusted anonymity. It has many unique features comparing with other sites. You can use it on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

3. Proxy: It is a free anonymous proxy browser who are trusted by 10 million people throughout the world. Beginners, geeks, youngsters, adults and other different classes people use every day. It is safe, simple to use and supports lots of devices like apple tvs, smartphones, windows and even mac. It’s user get higher standard security and privacy. Unlike other proxy site team store IP addresses not storing logs. If you want to encrypt your internet connection and enjoy uninterrupted service, you can use this application.

4. : Proxysite is an impressive interface containing site which provides servers from Europe and America. Users get SSL protection security from it. This is a pop-up free site where you can easily fake your identity and location with great loading speed. We can say here that it is a smart proxy site where you can unblock any blocked site without any hesitation.

5. : It is an amazing free web proxy site where 2048-bit TSL/SSL encryption is used providing users security. If you use it, you will get 30+ proxy servers to hide your IP, fake your location and make you untraceable.

6. : It is very simple and basic site from which service has been gotten from 1997. It gives you guarantee to unblock websites without damaging the interface of the target website. The site automatically anonym you if you go to other link from the target website.

7. Whoer Free Web Proxy: is another dependable proxy site. It provides service as other site described before. It offers servers in multiple countries. It is free, quick and most importantly it’s interface is so much interactive.

8. : K Proxy is an efficient and powerful web proxy service provider. It gives 10+ different IP address to it’s user getting full anonymity. HTTPS is used here and hence security is not a concern for using it. You can easily unblock website with good speed using proxy site.

9. Toolur Free Web Proxy: Free Web Proxy is a full privacy providing site. If you use this HTTPS encryption using site, No one can know your visited website and even content you have already read.

10. : Proxfree is such like website that there is no site which can not be unblocked by it. It is a free SSL providing proxy site in which you can work efficiently. The Proxfree team are opposing the internet censorship and their idology is to give the access power to everyone going everywhere in the internet.

11. : Hidester is a fast web proxy which give HTTPS protection to it’s users. You can use it through Desktop, laptop or mobile phone. It gives you flexibility to use settings and options.

12. It is a famous site who proclaims the right to anonymity in its homepage only. Though it contains words of US constitution, you can use it freely.

13. Though it contains more ads, it is favorite to many professionals. You can use it because it gives all other common features.
14. : It provides an array of IP addresses along with their location as well as other needed service.
15. : It is similar to in functionality.
16. : It gives you ninja feel with other common options.

17. : It is much useful for British citizens to unblock websites.
18. Along with necessary features it gives you choosing power of loading images or not.
19. It is another popular server which provides top class proxy service.
20. Free Proxy You may get repulsed visiting this unattractive site but we put it in out list for it’s reliability.


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